Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Trick to Speedup Pendrive for Faster Data Transfer Rate

Guys You must have Experienced That the Speed of Your Pendrive has Slow Down After Few Days Of Usage. So Today I will Show You some Effective Tricks to Speedup your Pendrive Data Transfer Rate.

First Thing First, Your pendrive Data Transfer Rate Depends On Some Factors Like :

1. Age of your Pendrive:

As i Said, When You buy a New Pendrive it works Fast but as it gets older, The Data Transfer Rate Starts Decreasing.

2. Types of Files :
Data Transfer Rate Depends on Types of Files You are Transferring. Songs, Docs, Videos May get Transferred very Quickly.

3.Location of Files :

Data Transfer Rate also depends on Locations of Files. If you want to transfer a bunch of files to Same Drive But another Folder then it will get Transferred very Fast. But if You want to Transfer Files from one Drive to another then it will Take some Time Comparatively. Likewise in Pendrive.

4. USB Port Version:

USB Port Version 2.0 is Most popular and the computers which are manufactured after year 2000 Have 2.0  Usb port Version. This version of USB port give you the Speed of 35mbps (Theortically)
How to Speedup your Pendrive For Faster Data Transfer:

We will Change The File System To NTFS of your pendrive and Also We will Change the Device Policy inorder To Speedup your Pendrive.

Follow Below Steps 

1: Plugin your Pendrive, Right click on your pendrive and select Format (You will Loose All your data in your pendrive so better Take a backup) Then,Select NTFS File system, Uncheck Quick Format And Click On Start.

Note: We Are Changing The File system to NTFS Because FAT 32 Can not Handle Large amount of data
2: After Formating Your Pendrive and Converting it To NTFS file System, Its now Time to Change the Device Policy.

Now Again Goto Your Pendrive Properties , click on  Hardware Tab. Select Your Usb Device from the list and click on Properties .

After Clicking on Properties You will see a new Dialog Box,Click on Change Settings, Another Dialog Box will appear.

Note :  Understand That After Changing the Device Policy , Your Data Transfer Speed Will Increase But Make Sure You Click on " Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media"  Before Removing Your Pendrive.
Click on Policy Tab and Select Better Performance, Click ok .

Thats it. Restart Your Computer

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