Thursday, 11 October 2012

Audi RH Combines A Zero Emission Hydrogen Engine Concept With Extreme Lightweight Technology

I’ve been enjoying driving from the moment I learned how to drive a car. I used to enjoy my daily morning drive to work when I was still an employee. Fresh air in the morning, not so crowded street, listening to soft music from the radio, a perfect 20 minutes alone. Due to rapid population growth, driving in the future might create more frustration than joy, especially in overcrowded cities. People will either use high-tech vehicles or public transport. The feeling of individual mobility, however, contributes a lot to the impression of freedom enjoyed by many motorists.

Created in cooperation with Audi AG, the Audi RH Concept carries Audi’s brand values. RH promotes enjoyable driving experience, a compact and lightweight transportation for the year of 2015. This car has been designed to carry only 2 passengers in a very narrow space (3.2 meters long). The interior features minimalist design. The driver seat is located in the middle of the vehicle and the second seat for the passenger is located behind. This increases the feeling of narrowness, which strongly contributes to the driving experience. As you can see the overall design was inspired by a lightweight aeroplane in both styling and construction.

Designer : Michael Scherger

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